Jumaat, 18 Februari 2011

Free Mammogram testing for women voters in DUN Batang Kali under MammoSEL

We invite women voters in DUN Batang Kali who are above 35 years old are invited to attend a special mammogram test to detect breast cancer. The programme conducted by the Forrest Medical Centre in Kepong is open to the first 40 applicants.
“The applicants should have a combined family income of less than RM2,000 a month"
Under the MammoSEL, all eligible women of Selangor 35 years above can enjoy the benefit of FREE breast cancer screening with transport as well as light refreshment provided. The Selangor government is committed to invest RM5 million to cover 56,000 women for breast cancer screening.The programme was aimed at creating awareness on the dangers of breast cancer especially for women above 40.According to the 2006 National Cancer Registry, the overall Age-Standardised Incidence Rate (ASR) was 39 per 100,000 population.
“The incidence of breast cancer was highest among the Chinese where the ASR was 46.4 per 100,000 followed by Indians and Malays at 38.1 and 30.4 per 100,000 respectively.
“There were 3,525 female breast cancer cases registered with NCR the same year. Those aged between 40 and 59 years account for 63%"
The special mammogram test was strictly for voters in DUN Batang Kali, the target group were the middle-class, applicants should show proof of earnings and a copy of their identity card to be eligible. Eligible participants will be ferried to the medical centre for the test on Feb 20th or Mac 6th.
Those interested, can call 019 3291967 (Pusat Khidmat Rakyat Dun Batang Kali)

ShaifulAnuar Sulaiman (Peg Khas Dun Batang Kali)

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