Selasa, 3 Mac 2009

There will be a Public Briefing on the “Restructuring Process of Selangor Water Industry” on 4th March 2009, 8pm in Crystal Crown Hotel, Petaling Jaya.
The briefing is to provide detailed explanations to the public about the restructuring effort of the water services industry in Selangor. Of late, four major water concessionaires, namely Syabas, Slash, Puncak Niaga and Abass have decided to turn to the Federal Government to negotiate for a better deal which could result in higher water tariff (as high as 37% according to agreement) for the people of Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.
The public briefing will be conducted in bilingual: Bahasa Malaysia and English, predominantly in English. In view of the short notice, you and your organizations could assist to mobilize and inform your members, friends and neighbors to attend the public briefing. Our panelists from the Water Review Panel appointed by the Selangor State Government will be present to brief the public.

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