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Roles and responsibilities of councillors

As part of the local council administrative system, councillors carry these roles and responsibilities.

As a committee member who makes decisions on approval for applications like planning, development, and licensing. Yet at the same time their actions should not be contradictory and against the policy decided upon by the local council for the public interest.
To advice the local government on matters relevant to their expertise and profession
To represent the people and the local community in matters pertaining to their living condition at the respective local council.
As a mediator between the community and the local council and to serve as the patron for their residents association.
To relay the feedback and response given by the local community on the quality of service given by the local council.
To be policy and decision makers. To draw a set of local by-laws as a guide for administrative purposes in solving the local issues and on how to give best service to the people.
To draw the policy to determine the direction of the local council and the direction has to augur well with the state and central government’s policies and at the same time meet what the people want.
As spokesman for the local council to ensure that policies drawn at the local authority are accepted by the local community.
To get a response from the community if there is any abuse of misuse of power or funds by the local council.
To encourage public participation on activities and programs organised by the local council.
Appointment of the councillors
The Local Government Act 1976
Section 10 (1) - the local authority shall consist of the mayor or president and not less than eight not more than 24 other councillors to be appointed by the state authority.
residing in the respective local council
Have wide experience and knowledge in local government affairs
Achieved distinction in any profession, commerceor industry
Able to represent the interest of the community they are serving

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