Rabu, 10 Disember 2008


HULU SELANGOR: For the past 13 years, going to the market has been an unpleasant but necessary chore for the villagers of Kampung Rasa.
While shopping, they have to shield themselves and their baskets with umbrellas from the droppings of birds overhead. They also have to endure the stench emanating from the nearby drains at the only wet market in their area. But all that is slowly changing. Selangor's state executive councillor for new village development and unlicensed factories settlement Ean Yong Hian Wah initiated the upgrading of the market three months ago.
He said the market was in deplorable condition and needed "urgent repair."He said that in April, he had received complaints from the villagers, asking him to help get repairs done. "The villagers had problems going to market due to its unhygienic conditions," he said. A contractor was hired to paint the market, put up netting, and improve the drainage system. The villagers also asked Ean to look into placing a traffic light at the Rasa intersection, which has recorded five fatalities. While waiting for the Hulu Langat Munucipal Council to look into the matter, Ean said he will get a contractor to put up several speed bumps to stop motorists from speeding at the intersection. Ean also visited the Keriling Chinese primary school and Rasa Chinese primary school, which had requested for funds of RM10,000 each. During his visit to the village, Ean also donated RM39,000 to 26 villagers, single mothers and Orang Asli from Kerling Kampung Air Panas.

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